Persian Empire Accomplishments, Achievements, Contributions: When they talk about the Persian Empire people usually just talk about how large their empire was and how wealthy they were with palaces larger than most could imagine and streets laden with gold.

Life in Ancient Persia

But actually, everyone knows that the Persians were one of the most influential empires of all times. They had made progress on all tiers and the Persian Empire accomplishments, achievements, contributions are hard to overlook.

Persian Empire Accomplishments, Achievements, Contributions: The Round-Up

The Persian Empire made advancements on all grounds and they left generations after generations stunned by how far they had gone. The Persian Empire accomplishments, achievements, contributions, in short, are as follows:

1.Persian Empire Accomplishments in Architecture

Of all the Persian Empire achievements the most magnificent and extravagant are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They were taken to be one of the Wonders of the Old World and are still a mystery to us.

Ancient Persia Arts and Architecture

Other than this there is also a number of magnificent monuments and designs of unthinkable palaces that pays tribute to the architectural genius of the Persians. The domes that are today taken to be the pride of any building had its roots in Persian Architecture.

2.Persian Empire Contribution in Mathematics

One of the greatest Persian Empire contributions to the modern world is Algebra. This is a form of mathematics without which almost none of the modern day inventions or discovery would have been possible. The one who made all this possible was a mathematician named Khwarizmi.

Persian Empire Accomplishments, Achievements, Contributions

Another man named Khayyam was a poet and a mathematician who contributed to the concept of duality in numbers. These are concepts that form the basis of modern day mathematics and are now proven to be a Persian Empire accomplishment.

3.Persian Empire Achievements in Music

The Persian music has always enthralled the lovers of music because of its spirituality and the unique assortment of instruments that they used. Overall accepted as a spiritual vessel, Persian Empire accomplishments in the field of music included the use of instruments such as the Tambour or the tambourine, the Sitar and many unique percussion instruments.

Persian Empire Accomplishments, Achievements, Contributions

Many Asian musical styles of classical fields owe their origins to the Persian style of music including Sufi and Indian Classical music.

4. Persian Empire achievements in Art

Persian Empire achievements in painting styles have been praised as one of the most influential to date. The geometrically symmetrical and asymmetrical paintings seen in Asia today have its origin in Persian Art.

5. Persian Empire Contribution in Legal and Government

The first ever bill of rights, the religious equality and freedom and the first form of paper money were the Persian Empire contribution to the modern world. They had a fixed legal system and a constitution of a nation.

This along with a Silk Route that stretched from them to China through India made it the prime trading grounds for silk and spice. Prosperity was ample through the Persian Empire achievements.

6. The Contribution of Persian Empire in Military

The Persian Empire accomplishments on the field of battle need no tribute. They were feared as the largest and the most advanced. They had the first ever standard navy and their foot soldiers used gunpowder.

Persian Empire Accomplishments, Achievements, Contributions

They believed in an edge over their enemy through advancements. The Persian Empire accomplishments, achievements, contributions and greatness are beyond question as they were truly the first global empire that made a mark on the world map.